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Shanghai Office Address: 1MC07, Jiuzhou Center, No. 95, Lane 85, Cailun Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

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About NSI

         Ningbo Semiconductor International Corporation (NSI), jointly invested by industry related strategic partners, industry investment funds and local industry investment funds, was established in Beilun in 2016 as a leading integrated circuit enterprise in Ningbo.

        NSI focuses on special process semiconductor covering RF front-end, high-voltage analog and optoelectronic systems. Based on professionals who have been engaged in special process R&D and production in Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, the company’s technology and management core team also absorbs senior experts from excellent semiconductor enterprises at home and abroad, such as Intel, TSMC, Renesas, Applied Materials and CXMT.

      Since its establishment, NSI has always adhered to independent R&D and technological innovation. It started process technology development in early 2017 and completed the introduction and trial production of the first batch of products in the same year. The company is operating one special process integrated circuit wafer production line with advanced technology level in the industry and is building another one. The 8-inch N1 production line in Xiaogang Equipment Industrial Park was put into operation in November 2018, and the construction of the N2 project in the Chip Town started in June 2020 and is expected to be put into operation in 2021.

     NSI is customer-oriented and adopts a business and operation mode combining foundry with customized product design and service support. Its target market covers 5G communication and mobile terminals, intelligent home appliances and industrial control, industrial Internet of Things and medical electronics. The company is committed to becoming China's largest wafer foundry of special process semiconductor with world-leading standard in its field of focus.

About NSI