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A. ESH Policy

NSI is focusing on product innovation and quality control while paying close attention to health, environmental pollution prevention, energy-saving measures, emission reduction, and accident prevention. We look forward to working together with all the employees to create a safe, environmentally friendly and healthy working environment to ensure the sustainable development of the company. To achieve the above goals, NSI is committed to:

a. Following ESH regulations and international protocols while fulfilling customers’ requirements

b. Establishing and continuously improving ESH management system

c. Strengthening ESH training, education and communication to raise awareness of ESH mechanism

d. Reinforcing accident prevention measures and emergency response

e. Enhancing risk management

f. Providing ESH support and management for customers, contractors and suppliers


B. ESH Management

a. Performing ESH Training for employees and contractors

b. Establishing safety standardization management process and continuous improvement

c. Conducting accident prevention and regular safety inspections

d. Inspecting and monitoring the operation of environmental protection facilities in fab area, ensuring the disposal of waste is up to standard

e. Setting up ERC to monitor and settle various abnormal events


C. Occupational Health Management

a. Setting up Health Center to provide medical services

b. Providing emergency response and first aid treatment to various injuries

c. Conducting occupational health examinations and setting up surveillance archives

d. Conducting regular health examinations and setting up surveillance archives

e. Monitoring occupational hazards on a regular basis


D. ESH Contact Information

ERC(Emergency Response Center): Please notify ERC immediately when any abnormity is found, chemical leakage, leakage, odor, fire, etc.

Internal Line: 57119/669601

Outside Line: (0574)86856000-57119/173-6583-9601

Health Center: Providing medical service and emergency response to work injury.

Internal Line: 57120/669501

Outside Line: (0574)86856000-57120/173-6583-9501

Security:Vehicle and Personnel Access Management

Internal Line: 57120/669501

Outside Line: (0574)86856000-57123/173-6583-9602

ESH Policy