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NSI and Etra Jointly Announce First Wafer-Level Heterogeneous System Integration of GaAs on Silicon RF FEM

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NINGBO, CHINA — Today, Ningbo Semiconductor International Corporation (NSI), a specialty semiconductor foundry in Ningbo, China, and Etra Semiconductor (Suzhou) Co., Ltd (Etra), an RF front-end devices and system solution provider in Suzhou, China, jointly announce an industry’s first RF FEM(Front-End Module) of heterogeneous integrated GaAs plus SOI circuits on Silicon using NSI’s proprietary micro wafer-level system integration technology (uWLSI®). Etra has demonstrated its first of such RF FEM in a package size of 2.5X1.5X0.25mm3, the most compact RF front-end device in current industry. The first series of such products are slated to production at NSI’s N1 Fab in the first half of 2019, primarily targeting for further size-constrained RF front-end chipsets in 4G and 5G handsets.

uWLSI® technology is a leading-edge wafer fabrication platform which enables extraordinary compactness of Etra’s GaAs pHEMT powered RF FEM chipset products and significant enhancement of RF characteristics of interconnects among its core components.” Etra claimed. “It is the key technology that helps to further simplify the chipset design and fabrication mostly through wafer-level fabrication and system testing.”

uWLSI®, a trademark of NSI standing for micro wafer-level system integration, is a unique middle-end wafer fabrication technology developed by NSI particularly for enabling heterogeneous multi-die-on-wafer system integration and wafer-level system testing while eliminating need for bumping and flip-chip processes in typical system-in-package practices.

NSI has developed the uWLSI® technology platform to specifically address surging need for high density heterogeneous system integration of a variety of chipsets and microsystems through more wafer level fabrication process. uWLSI® technology would not only empower the next generation of high performance, ultra-compact RF front-end modules by facilitating heterogeneous wafer-level system integration of various core components, including GaAs or GaN PA devices, RF filters, IPD, switches, tuners, LNAs and controllers, but also serve as a new competitive microsystem integration solution for a broader spectrum of microsystem applications including MCU, IoT and sensor fusion.” claimed by NSI.

Ningbo Semiconductor International Corporation (NSI) is a specialty semiconductor company in analog and specialty semiconductors, co-invested by Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), China Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund and other IC funds in China. Headquartered with a specialty semiconductor wafer manufacturing facility in Ningbo, China, NSI provides specialty wafer foundry and product design services to global IC and system customers in HV analog, RF front-end and optoelectronic microsystems.




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Etra Semiconductor is a high-tech enterprise located in Suzhou, China. The company provides innovative specialty IC and system solutions for microwave and mm-wave wireless communication with specialty RF-FEM product offerings from switches, PA and filters. For more information on Etra, please